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in love again
06 August 2011 9:33 AM | 9:33 AM | 0 comments

I fall in love so easily, it’s pathetic.
But I really do live him.
I saw u once
but it was just a glance
I walked away giving up my chance
when I turned back u weren’t there u disappeared into thin air
I looked around searching for you u seemed familiar like it was a deja vu once I found u I could see that u were the only one for me I knew right then u were the one my search for love is now done I no that this may sound crazy its no lie my sights not hazy ur no heart breaker I can tell when I first saw u in love, I fell there's one thing I no that will always last its our first kiss but it went to fast here we are now together our love is true and always forever I loved u right from the start .
I'll still love u till me depart

<3 <3 <3